Eye of the Pacific Guide Dogs Foundation

Providing guide dogs, electronic aids and other services to legally blind residents
of Hawaii that will enable them to lead safe, independent and meaningful lives.

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2013 Annual Electronic Aids Project


Eye of the Pacific Guide Dogs Foundation is committed to a strong, encouraging and practical philosophy relating to mobility and effective communication for the blind. Based upon the resources available and the positive outcome of blind individuals using aids and equipment to enhance confidence and independence, EOTP believes that given suitable aids and equipment, proper training and opportunity, blind people may be able to lead meaningful lives by fully participating in career opportunities, family, community and social activities.


Woman holding puppy in her arms at Royal New Zealand Breeding Center
• Guide Dog Training
3 weeks residential training
Domiciliary training on 4th week
Training provided by Guide Dogs Victoria of Australia and New Zealand Foundation for the Blind

• Graduate Services
Ongoing instructor support provided throughout the career of the guide dog
Assistance with veterinary costs is available

• Orientation & Mobility Services
Provided to all clients in order to ensure safe mobility
Provided to applicants requiring additional services to prepare for guide dog training

• Electronic Aids Program
Periodic projects offering aids that may enhance an individual’s independence in mobility or communication. Such aids allocated are Trekker GPS devices, KNFB Reader, Victor Reader Streams and iBill Banknote Identifiers.

4 Guide dog teams sitting on a park bench.


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